You are not the only one

You are not the only one

If we do some survey on fears, I really don’t see any possibility of finding even a one person with no fear. Well, but that is different that some people just don’t agree with the fact that they are also frightened with something and that something can be “light”,” “darkness” or “any animal or insect”.

I remember as a kid and even as an adult, I always fears “Cockroaches”. I really don’t know, why? but whenever I see cockroach, I just think of one thing and, that is how to run-away from that place. As a kid I used to climb tables and chairs, just to avoid being touched by cockroaches. The fear of cockroaches is nothing but a irritation that you feel in your mind that how will your body react, when the cockroach will start walking on your body….oh goshhhh

It is not an illness. It is not a mental disorder. Nor is it a lack of will-power

People who have phobias are often so overwhelmed by their concern that they avoid the feared objects or situations. Specific phobias involve a fear of an object or condition; for example, such as small animals, snakes, closed-in spaces, or flying in an airplane and etc.

Most of the people try to find reasons for their phobia or fear. But logic has very little to do with mental experiences. Our mind is very powerful but sometimes it works against you. Your subconscious mind sometimes does not differentiate what is real and what is imagination? So we most of fear something which is not real but just an imaginations.