Agoraphobia / Fear of open spaces or being in crowded

Agoraphobia / Fear of open spaces or being in crowded

Usually defined as a fear of open spaces and unfamiliar places, the phobia takes its name from agora, the Greek word for marketplace, and literally translates as “fear of the marketplace.”

In this type of phobia, a person generally fears being at place where escape is little difficult. Consequently, people with agoraphobia confine themselves to places in which they feel safe, usually at home. The patient with agoraphobia often makes complicated plans in order to avoid confronting feared situations and places.

Agoraphobia is a fear of being on your own in a place, such as a mall or an elevator or a room full of people, with no easy means of escape if a panic attack should occur.

Like, In some cases, a small child prefers to avoid going alone in other rooms.

Situation :

A 15 year old boy was going to his tuition classes. His tuition teacher was staying on 9th floor of the building. When the boy entered into elevator, electricity got cut-off and he had to spend 24 hours in that deadly elevator without food, water and electricity. This incident had an immense impact on boy’s mind and developed a fear of entering into elevator.