Social Phobia

Social Phobia

Social phobia means a fear to be in public, humiliated in front of other people. Because few socially-phobic people have heard of their own problem, and have never seen it discussed on any media, such as the television talk shows, they think they are the only ones in the whole world who have these terrible symptoms. Therefore, they must keep quiet about them.

Social phobic people cant relax or feel comfortable when there are other people around. They think that people are looking at then and judging them.

A person suffering from social phobia not necessarily show same symptom like others.

Like, I have one friend who just can not speak on phone when there is anyone around because he thinks that people are listening what they are talking on phone and judging their talking skills. Some can’t write in public with the fear that someone is watching what they are writing and they just cannot write.

The most common social phobia is a fear of public speaking. Sometimes social phobia involves a general fear of social situations such as parties.

Although this disorder is often thought of as shyness, the two are not the same. Shy people can be very uneasy around others, but they don’t experience the extreme anxiety in anticipating a social situation, and they don’t necessarily avoid circumstances that make them feel self-conscious. In contrast, people with social phobia aren’t necessarily shy at all. They can be completely at ease with people most of the time, but particular situations, such as walking down an aisle in public or making a speech, can give them intense anxiety.

One of the worst circumstances, though, is meeting people who are “authority figures”. Especially people such as bosses and supervisors at work, but including almost anyone who is seen as being “better” than they are in some respect. People with social anxiety may get a lump in their throat and their facial muscles may freeze up when they meet this person. The anxiety level is very high and they’re so focused on “not failing” and “giving themselves away” that they don’t even remember what was said in the conversation. But later on, they’re sure they must have said the wrong thing…..because they always do.

If you suffer from social phobia, you tend to think that other people are very competent in public and that you are not. Small mistakes you make may seem to you much more exaggerated than they really are. Blushing itself may seem painfully embarrassing, and you feel as though all eyes are focused on you. You may be afraid of being with people other than those closest to you.

Some situations of social phobia :
A person finds it difficult to walk down the street because he feels that people are watching him from their windows.

In this situation a person who is afraid of walking on the street thinks that he would be forced to say hello to them. But he is not very confident about he can be able to do that. In this fear if he says “Hello” his “Hello” is so weak that a person watching or walking cannot hear that and will makeout some how that he is frightened. More than anything else, he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s afraid.

A student don’t want to attend her first day in University classes because he knows that on first day professor will ask them to introduce themselves in front of the class.

In this situation a student is thinking about standing in front of the class and introducing in front of many strangers who are staring at him that feeling makes them anxious. In this situation, a person knows that in his fear, he won’t be able to introduce properly due to fear and so would opt for skipping the class on the first day.

A person is feeling lonely and wants to go for social gatherings but avoid going because he is nervous about the new crowd at the party.

In this situation, the thought that there would be so many new people in the party makes the person worse. He thinks that how will he communicate in the crowd and even if he communicate what will people think about him. And in his fear he avoid communicating and would rather go for one corner without communication.

For social phobic person, his home is a most comfortable place where he can relax and enjoy. Many times people with social phobia when they’re around familiar people, may feel overwhelmed and have the feeling that others are noticing their every movement and critiquing their every thought. They feel like they are being observed critically and that other people are making negative judgments about them.