Arachnophobia / Fear of spiders

Arachnophobia / Fear of spiders

Arachnophobia” comes from the Greek words, “arachne”, meaning “spider“, and “phobos”, meaning “a fear“. Arachne was a beautiful Greek maiden who was was changed into a spider as a punishment.

Arachnophobia is most common type of animal phobia. If you suffer from fear of spiders its almost impossible to feel comfortable when there are spiders present.

All phobias represent an unreasonable fear of something but in truth very few spiders are dangerous to human.

Another trouble for those with arachnophobia is that spiders commonly live in houses. To suddenly be faced with your greatest fear dangling from a window or the bathroom wall can be a difficult encounter. Those with extreme arachnophobia might feel completely paralyzed by such an encounter and be unable to move or to approach the spider

This phobia can range from minimal discomfort, to a full-fledged panic attack when a spider is present or is spotted. Almost 50 percent of women and 10 percent of men reportedly share this phobia

Doctors in this kind of phobia often show pictures of spiders to the patients and even try to make them touch the picture. If the patients are comfortable with touching the picture, in last phase doctors carry actual spider and try to make their patient touch the spider. The only motive of this action is to ease the patient in feared condition and to make them realize that there is nothing bad happened when they touched spider.

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